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PassimPay is translated into Hindi

Dear users, we are very happy to welcome a new popular language to our platform: Hindi. Our Hindi speakers community is growing and we have received several requests to translate our platform into

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Bitcoin halving is expected in 2024: what will happen in the cryptocurrency market?

To this question answered Charles Edwards, founder of Capriole Investments, an investment fund in Bitcoin and digital assets, during his extensive interview with Cointelegraph. But what is Bit

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France tests crypto payments in the country's shops: Are we facing a Financial Revolution?

France confirms itself as one of the European countries most inclined to use cryptocurrencies. Despite the various doubts shown by the European Union and the various laws that have been introduced and

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Threats for cryptocurrency investors: Beware of two new softwares able to steal cryptocurrencies

Two new threats for crypto investors able to steal cryptocurrencies through desktop devices are circulating on the Internet, specifically the MortalKombat ransomware and the Laplas Clipper malware. T

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Bullish sentiment in the market: Is it time for a huge rally?

The global crypto market cap increased by 7.98% in the last 24 hours to an estimated 1.1T, with Bitcoin (BTC) rallying by more than 11% to $24,582, whereas Ethereum (ETH) was above the $1,650 level, f

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PassimPay is available in 4 new languages!

Dear users, with great pleasure, we would like to inform you that from now on, our website will be available in the following languages: Ukrainian, Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish. Very soon, it will al

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PassimPay website back to normal operation

Dear users, unfortunately, as many of you noticed, we experienced a server failure recently, and for a while, it was not possible to use our services. Our support team received numerous messages, and

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Subscribe to our social media

Dear Users, you are all invited to follow us on our official PassimPay social media to always stay up to date with the latest news, offers, updates, and much more. As you know, PassimPay is constan

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PassimPay needs you! Tell us your opinion on Trustpilot

PassimPay needs you! Tell us your opinion on Trustpilot Dear users, we kindly ask you for just a few minutes of your time to leave feedback about PassimPay on Trustpilot.  Since we launched

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PassimPay mobile version

Dear PassimPay users! The passimPay application for smartphones is still in development. We offer you to add a PassimPay shortcut on your phone or tablet screen for quick access to the platform. We ha


The PassimPay presentation is now available in the "Promo Materials" section

A PassimPay presentation is now available in the "Promo Materials" section of your account. Use it to attract new partners. Share the benefits of our payment system with your friends and fol


Microsoft e-mails are temporarily unavailable for registration

Some users who signed up for PassimPay with Microsoft e-mails (Outlook and Hotmail) cannot receive or send PassimPay support e-mails. We are already looking for a solution to this issue. It may take s


All the payment systems are connected and configured

Dear users, we have fantastic news for you all. Finally, after much hard work, all payment systems are connected and configured. From now on, you can use our PassimPay for secure storage of cryptocurr


New Year wishes from the PassimPay team

Dear users, the year 2022 is coming to an end. For us, 2022 is a historic year that will remain etched in our hearts. 2022 was the year of the launch of PassimPay and therefore we will remember it for

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PassimPay wishes you Merry Christmas

Dear users, the PassimPay team wishes all our Christian users a Merry Christmas, full of joy, serenity and peace.  This is the first Christmas for PassimPay since its launch and therefore a sp

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Launch of PassimPay in test mode

Dear users, today is one of the most important days for PassimPay. After several months of hard work by the entire team, it's time for the launch of PassimPay in test mode.   What is


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