This Agreement is a public document, and it comes into force as soon as the visitor (the User) to the passimpay.io website (the Service) voluntarily and willingly enters into the Agreement with the owner of the Service. By their consent to the Agreement, the User certifies that they are at least 18 years old and of legal age in their jurisdiction. Completion of registration on the Service indicates that the User is familiar with all the items of this Agreement and is ready to accept them unconditionally.

The information contained in the Agreement defines the only possible terms of use of the Service.



The management of the Service excludes any liability and disclaims any consequences that have already arisen or may arise due to the use by the registered User of the information posted on the Service related to products, services, and general provisions. The Service is not responsible for losses and risks incurred by the User after reading this Agreement and for the information and other data available through the Service.


Terms of Use and User Obligations

By accepting this User Agreement, each User automatically confirms that they are at least 18 years old and are of legal age in their jurisdiction at the time of registration and use of the Service.

The User agrees to accept the obligations incumbent upon the use of the Service, excluding the independent distribution of technical parameters and software of the Service.

The User undertakes to exclude actions that may contribute to causing any damage to the Service (both intentional and indirect):

- use of malicious software;

- use of virus programs;

- use of spyware;

- introduction of other prohibited means and equipment.

The User accepts responsibility for any actions related to the creation of hacking DDoS attacks and undertakes to exclude them. Activities that threaten the site's operation and contain spam are prohibited when using the service.

The User agrees to be fully responsible for damages, costs, and expenses resulting from their actions or lack thereof and undertakes not to submit claims to the Service.

The User guarantees to compensate their losses, arising costs, and financial expenses incurred when using the services of the Service.

The Service Administration disclaims responsibility for any activities that mislead the User or distort the information Users acquire. Service is not responsible for situations that arise in case of violation of clauses of this Agreement.



The Service contains data containing intellectual information, which belongs to the management of the website, its partners, and other interested parties.

When using the data available on the Service, the User agrees that the information found on the website pages is under protection by the acts regulating the distribution of intellectual activity and copyrights. Regardless of the form, location, and type, the said rights are protected by the special services of the Site. This rule applies to all the information on the site and any data that will be implemented in the future.

The User during the use of the Service does not receive any rights to ownership of the website materials.

The User does not have the right to:

- Save, copy, and engage in the distribution of intellectual property items posted on the Site. The exception is when it is necessary to work on the Service;

- Use in their interests program information from the Service or copy the design;

- Publish personal information about third parties without their consent;

- Make changes to the software part of the Service, which may affect the functioning of the Site;

- Register using words and expressions that may offend and violate the rights of other users.

The content presented in the Service is for informational purposes only, is not considered hidden advertising, and does not call for action. Decisions on the use of Service functions are made by the User independently.

The User accepts that the Service is not responsible for any risks (personal or monetary) in all possible cases.



Service is not responsible for the safety of funds if the User discloses login data to other persons.

Service does not influence currency rates and does not distort the information on quotations for the current moment.

The idea of the Service is to store and receive/send cryptocurrency. All Users registered on the website are personally responsible for the safety of their funds. The User understands that financial transactions conducted on the Internet can be associated with certain risks leading to the loss of funds. The User confirms that he is aware of this possibility and has no right to make claims against the Service if this happens.

Service, in turn, guarantees the safety of investments within the system and undertakes to perform and take measures to prevent cases of theft, in particular, to reflect accurate information and publish reliable content.

The user is aware that the information provided can become irrelevant for several reasons: temporal, economic, market, and other factors that affect the state of investment and financial flows.

By reading this Agreement, the User agrees to refuse: to use the content and information posted on the Service, to participate in financial, investment, and other operations for profit, and increase turnover from their transactions, payments, online transfers, and other actions.


Service Obligations

Each User registered on the Service receives access to an individual profile.

The Service provides safety for the Personal Data of Users and the personal information specified through registration on the website.

The Service undertakes measures to protect the information provided by Users, treating any data as confidential, guaranteeing its non-proliferation and inaccessibility to third parties.

Any User who does not agree with any clause of this Agreement has the right to refuse registration and terminate their account at any time.

The User agrees with the Agreement and confirms acceptance of all the described conditions immediately after creating a personal profile.