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Tell your audience about PassimPay and receive additional income. Share your link with friends and users on social media and earn 5%, 7%, or 10% of the commission they pay for transactions.

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How it works

Receive a percentage of the commission amount that your partners pay for withdrawals from PassimPay as passive income.

1st level


You will receive a reward of 5% of the commission for each transfer made by your partner.

2nd level


Once the total withdrawal amount of your partners exceeds $500,000, you move to the second level of our referral program and receive a reward equal to 7% of your partners' commission for each transfer.

3rd level


The highest level in the referral program! Once the total withdrawal amount of your partners exceeds $1500,000, your reward equals 10% of your partners' commission for each transfer.

Calculate your referral income

Offer cryptocurrency as one of your payment methods to your clients or partners and get even more benefits from cooperating with them.

Partner income calculator

Max. amount: 1 000 000 USD

Monthly average withdrawal:

Max. number: 1000

Active partners per month:

Your referral commission:


0 USD/month.

4 simple steps to get started

1. Register

Create an account and get a unique referral link. It will be linked to your account, and everyone who registers using it will become your partner.

2. Share your link

Tell others about PassimPay on social media and different websites to lead new users.

3. Get a reward

Get regular income from each referral. Every time your client withdraws money from PassimPay, you get 5%, 7%, or 10% of the withdrawal fee to your account.

4. Analyze stats

Your account has all the tools you need to collect statistics and analyze your partners' activity. Visual infographics, tables, and charts will help you track and improve your income.


Partnership with PassimPay on the most favorable terms

No limits

The referral program is a great opportunity for additional income. The more users you invite to PassimPay, the higher your income from the affiliate program will be.

Detailed statistics

Track and analyze referral income. Your account has all the tools you need to understand your partners' activity.

Regular income

Users who register with your link become your partners forever and provide you with commissions every time they withdraw funds from our service.

Support 24/7

If you have questions about the affiliate program — contact us, and our support team will answer them.

Promo materials

We've created promo materials that you can use to invite partners: eye-catching banners, a brand book, a presentation, and promotional texts for social media. Use them to lead users to the platform and receive income right away.

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