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PassimPay — a powerful financial tool for businesses and for personal use

We created PassimPay to help entities and individual users quickly and safely receive, transfer, and process payments in cryptocurrencies. Receive funds in all the popular currencies and anonymously pay for anything you need via our secure and convenient payment system. We developed a platform with adjustable features that can meet everyone's needs.

The main goal for us is to save you time. All the transactions and requests are processed instantly. Convenient tools allow you to manage your finances efficiently: automatic payment settings, flexible payment templates, and user whitelists. All the adjustments take no more than two minutes, and the withdrawal fee is always between 0.1% and 1% for personal accounts and no more than 3.5% for entities. The amount of commission for a particular currency depends on the state of the network at the time of withdrawal.

Our key value and mission

Our main goal is to provide you with a new experience in financial management with our payment system. When creating PassimPay, we focused on the essential aspects of dealing with cryptocurrencies: security, convenience, and speed of decision-making.

Our mission is to make all your regular operations and processes faster and more convenient. We achieved this with a simple and user-friendly interface, instant payment processing, deep project adjustments, multi-level data protection, and ensuring the privacy of every user's information.

Quick and easy

We have added only the functions your business may need to run correctly and be profitable. Transfer funds and make scheduled payments instantly, without any extra actions.

Financial management

We have developed a system that allows you to exchange, receive crypto, and send it to anyone. And most importantly — you can do it anywhere and anytime.

Anonymity and freedom

No personal info is required for registration. All we need is your email, password, and e-wallet address that you want to use for payments. At the same time, our users are free to manage their funds in their unique ways and do all their crypto-related actions via our platform if they want.

Two account types: personal and business

It is essential for us to provide a secure and convenient payment system that is suitable for absolutely everyone. This is true for individual use as an ordinary crypto-wallet and for businesses with the ability to connect to any online projects.

Full automation of payments via API

We paid careful attention to making the integration of PassimPay with other websites as simple as possible, therefore making crypto payments possible for any online project. You can receive profits and regular payments for goods/services in cryptocurrencies to your business account. Integration of the PassimPay API takes just a few clicks. Also, our support team is always online and ready to answer any questions.

Instant processing and payments

We put the maximum effort into simplifying every aspect of dealing with cryptocurrencies. All the withdrawals and operations within the PassimPay system are processed instantly.

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New opportunities with cryptocurrencies

The world economy is changing. Outdated mechanisms appear to be giving way to virtual currencies and digital technologies. The use of digital assets allows participants to exchange funds instantly, mostly without intermediaries and extra fees.


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